Novacap is an international player in chemistry and pharmaceutical industry. We produce and distribute essential chemicals used in everyday products.

Novacap offers a wide range of products through three business divisions: Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics, Mineral Specialties and Performance Chemicals. The group enjoys leading positions in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, cosmetics & fragrances as well as food & feed, home care and environmental services.

Novacap stands out not only by the high level of quality of its products but also by its culture of excellence, offering its clients the best service, thanks to the reactive approach and reliability of its team, in addition to a very high level of compliance and certifications.

As a key player in the chemical industry, Novacap’s responsibility is to grow in a sustainable and harmonious way. As a result, sustainable development has always been a priority rooted in Novacap’s corporate culture. In order to sustain this vision, Novacap has implemented a reliable and structured program subjected to a yearly evaluation. The program is based on three strategic aims:  social and corporate responsibility, environmental protection and economic performance.
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Key figures:

Le groupe NovacapOver 2750 people


27 industrial plants and commercial offices worldwide


750 customers in more than 80 countries