Risk management & compliance

As a global leader in the pharmaceutical synthesis and specialty ingredients, Novacap is committed to conducting its business with integrity everywhere it operates in the world, in strict compliance with its fundamental beliefs in the respect of values and people, earning our partners’ trust, and protecting and properly using company assets.

The compliance section of this website aims to go beyond our corporate culture to lay the framework for a clear, shared code of ethics reflecting the company’s policies and cohesion when it comes to ethics, which play a determining role in the success of our business and our people.

It lays out the guiding principles and requirements for daily responsible and ethical conduct, most of which are described in more specific documents such as the group’s Sustainable Development Policy and the Code of Conduct.

Everyone who works for or on behalf of Novacap must adhere to this common foundation of ethical principles and agree to adopt and promote exemplary conduct in line with these principles.

The commitment of every member of our team to comply with our values, standards, and applicable laws and regulations is a determining factor in earning the trust of all of our stakeholders and protecting our company’s reputation in the long term. Maintaining the highest standard of ethical conduct is absolutely essential to achieving the steady, ambitious growth of our company.


Compliance Program


Respecting values and people

Respecting human rights
Equality and diversity
Health, safety, and the environment
Protecting personal information

Earning our partners’ trust to create sustainable relationships

Preventing all forms of corruption and conflicts of interest
Complying with regulations on free competition
Sponsorships and donations
Money laundering and embargos

Protecting company assets and using them properly

Respecting the confidentiality of information and protecting sensitive information
Integrity of financial information
Insider trading
Communicating with banks and investors

Compliance system

Preventing violation
Detecting violation


Download our Code of conduct :