2003-2005: Organisation and structuring

2003 Creation of the Novacap group, Bain Capital is the group’s majority shareholder

2004 Launch of a new sodium bicarbonate unit

2006-2011: Organic development improvement

2006 Launch of the calcium chloride unit in Pont-de-Claix (Performance Chemicals)

2008 Launch of the second sodium bicarbonate unit (Mineral Specialties)

2010 Launch of the Isopropanol unit in Roussillon (Performance Chemicals)

2011 Ardian acquires 96% of Novacap




2011-2016: Growth acceleration and internationalisation

2011 Start-up of the third sodium bicarbonate unit (Mineral Specialties)

2011 Acquisition of Novacyl (Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics division)

2011 Launch of a new ferric chloride production unit in Pont-de-Claix (France)

2012 Capacity increase on alpha methyl styrene (Performance Chemicals)

2013 Acquisition of a majority stake (51%)  in Yangzi Pharmaceutical Chemical in China (Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics)

2014 Launch of homosalate (Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics), sodium silicates (Mineral Specialties)

2014 Acquisition of a 51% majority stake in Puyuan (Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics)

2015 Acquisition of Uetikon (Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics) a German-based APIs and fine chemicals manufacturer

2015 Novacap enters into a partnership with the innovative biotechnology startup Alganelle, specialised in the development and production of high added-value molecules, derived from microalgae.

2016 EURAZEO becomes the majority shareholder of the group alongside MERIEUX development, ARDIAN and the management team.



Since 2016 : Strengthening the technological and products offering for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and fine chemistry markets.


2017 Novacap acquires 96.5% of Puyuan (Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics)

2017 Novacap acquires 77.57% of Yangzi Pharmaceutical Chemical (Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics)

April 2017 Novacap announced a project of strategic combination with PCAS, specialising in the development and production of complex molecules for life sciences and innovative technologies, through a sale of blocks of shares followed by a tender offer.

April 2017 Launch of a new production unit for manufacturing DIPE (Diisopropyl Ether) on the Roussillon chemical platform.

May 2017 Novacap acquires ID bio, a manufacturer of botanical ingredients and H2B, a manufacturer of ingredients for in-vitro diagnosis.

May 2017 Novacap acquires PCAS, specializes in the development and production of complex molecules for life sciences and innovative technologies (cDMO).

July 2017 Acquisition of a majority stake in Chemoxy International Ltd, a leading contract manufacturer for specialty chemicals and environmentally-friendly solvents.

December 2017 Novacap supports Harmonic Pharma, an innovative company specialized in Polypharmacology through a capital increase.